Procrastination Types: The Dreamer

“I have a dream: My task will be done in no time and effortlessly.”

Surely this is not what  was said when people are daydreaming. But it was not missed in essence for Dreamers. Their procrastination is usually based on Read more »

Procrastination Types: The Crisis-maker

Like the Dreamer, Crisis-makers have a low threshold for boredom too. However the reasons they get distracted are quite different from the Dreamer – They need a sense of urgency to drive them. This might be due to a low level of Read more »

Procrastination Types: The Overdoer

Are you proud to be a Highachiever? 

Do you believe “going the extra mile” is the key to success? 

You feel like you are at the center of lots of things (if not everything)?  

Does it feel like spinning plates when you try to multitask? Read more »

How do you charge a premium? 3 simple ways to decide your pricing

For many new business owners, pricing structure and offer design is probably the most critical question besides “Where to find my clients”. The answers to it can be as complicated as any marketing specialist claims, but we will narrow down to three key aspects to start with. Read more »  

When your motivation is low… From assumption to action

“I don’t feel motivated.” 😩

“I am not in the mood for it.” 😩

Do you hear this a lot? Does it happen when you are on something important? You know the thing you want to do means a lot to you but you just can’t find a way to #motivate you? 🤯

Well, don’t find it then. Read more »  

Procrastination – it’s not just about will power

This is the confession of an ex-procrastinator.

I used to be a great procrastinator – a thief of my own time. 

Like many people, “Perfectionism” is just an easy excuse for my low tolerance of frustration. I didn’t want to fail or even risk the chances of “not getting things right right away”. The result? Read more » 

You don’t have to sell yourself to be a business owner

“I like to be my own boss, but I don’t like to sell.”

“I want to build my business, but I am not good at sales. I prefer to focus on my work.”

Does that sound like you? Do you think that you need to “sell yourself” to start a business? Like doing something you absolutely don’t enjoy just for the sake of opportunity? Read more » 

How do you find your clients?

I have been to quite a few networking events for entrepreneurs and freelancers. No matter which business they are in, this was almost the number one question:

“How do you get your clients?” Read more »