When your motivation is low… From assumption to action

When your motivation is low… From assumption to action

“I don’t feel motivated.” 😩

“I am not in the mood for it.” 😩

Do you hear this a lot? Does it happen when you are on something important? You know the thing you want to do means a lot to you but you just can’t find a way to #motivate you? 🤯

Well, don’t find it then. That’s right. You don’t need #motivation for everything you do in life. It is the action that matters.

Think about how you brush your teeth, comb your hair, drink water, etc. These are actions you take without “feeling motivated”. You don’t even need to like them! 🤭

We just assume that we need to be motivated for the things may not be appealing or even challenging to us. But the reality is, we are indeed capable of taking actions without such a condition. Keeping such an assumption is actually a limitation to ourselves. ⛔

Here are the AAA tips for motivation assumption:

  • 🅰️ Accept the situation ✅ 
  • 🅰️ Alter your route to your goal 🛣️ 
  • 🅰️ Action 🎬

So next time when you are caught in “no motivation”, look for actions – they don’t just speak louder than words, but also move you and get you unstuck. 

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