Procrastination – it’s not just about will power

Procrastination – it’s not just about will power

This is the confession of an ex-procrastinator.

I used to be a great procrastinator – a thief of my own time. 

Like many people, “Perfectionism” is just an easy excuse for my low tolerance of frustration. I didn’t want to fail or even risk the chances of “not getting things right right away”. The result? I either put off many important tasks or did them last minute with my adrenaline boost, and felt totally worn out afterwards. My ego was in the way. 

Years later, with the knowledge of cognitive behavior therapy/coaching and neuroscience, I finally realized it wasn’t just the willpower that I needed. It is much deeper than that – the awareness of my fundamental needs as a human being, such as safety, significance, love and connection, value, etc. These are very strong drivers for us to choose doing something else, especially when the things we are procrastinating are challenging such needs. Based on the needs are asked, there are six types of procrastinators and distinct patterns. They are:

The Perfectionist (The “never good enough” thinking)

The Dreamer (Effortless is the middle name)

The Worrier (What if….)

The Defier (Free spirit yeah)

The Crisis-maker  (The “Living on the edge” style)

The Overdoer  (Hi Highachievers!) 

Quite often that one falls in more than one type, or different types in other scenarios. I have seen coaches who are The Perfectionist at work, but The Defier at home. While they are mostly longing for significance and growth in the professional setting, they are leaning more to their values in their private life. 

I have been helping my clients to beat procrastination by identifying the procrastination type, recognizing the pattern, and understanding what the needs are expected to be met. I have also helped them see what they have been missing when they are holding themselves back, and find their way to get started. 

I understand the feeling of “I really need to do xyz…., but I am not motivated.” and I have seen so many brilliant business ideas and practices are held because these owners are procrastinating! Time and time again, they are itching to realize their business dreams yet are not feeling ready to go ahead, trapped in these unproductive thoughts. 

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