How do you find your clients?

How do you find your clients?

I have been to quite a few networking events for entrepreneurs and freelancers. No matter which business they are in, this was almost the number one question:

“How do you get your clients?”

I used the analogy like dating. It is just like asking “How do you find your partner?”

Sounds familiar right? The feeling that you really want to settle or get in (a sort of) relationship. This matchmaking run can be nervous, anxious, exhausting or even hopeless to some. We wish there is a Holy Grail – one simple trick can work for everyone. So we subconsciously go around and expect to find some “inspirations” or “shortcuts”.

Although people might see it as a hunt, I really don’t think “Find your Mr./Mrs. Right” is what I would recommend. I believe in genuine interaction and law of attraction, not the “Drive through” and “Pick up” approach. The question is rather “How can your clients decide to work with you?” to me. So here are four principles to my answer:

Understand WHO you want to work with

Know WHERE your ideal clients are

Be clear WHY they can benefit from you


It might sound like a long process to figure it out, but it really helps you with fundamental business operation and decision making. 

I know that I want to work with driven and ambitious professionals, who have taken leadership responsibility and desire to build a purposeful business of their own, yet are trapped in a successful career. I help them to break through their fear of uncertainty, self-sabotaging, unproductive thinking, take steps to map out their strategy to bring the business to life, and truly own their future. These are the people that I serve and need me the most. All I have to do is to provide value, as my motto: Observe and Serve.

Getting clients is just the end result of a series of research and field work. The more you understand what they want, what they would pay for, and how you can satisfy their unmet need, the more likely they will become your clients. 

These four principles decide my strategy and business activity. It gives me confidence to develop a mutual interest and walk on a journey together  with my clients, rather than me chasing them.

What would you say about your product/service? If I am going to meet your ideal clients today, how would you wish me to introduce you and refer them to you? Share with me your thoughts.

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