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Hello all

I am Irene Verheijen, entrepreneur, MBA, leadership/business coach from Dutch Enterprise Agency, import Amsterdammer, adventurer, and the founder of Ignitime Consulting. As a trained medical professional with MSc in medical science, I love to help people with analytic thinking and empathy.

Supporting driven and ambitious professionals to transform from an experienced leader to a purposeful business owner is my biggest passion.

We are on the mission to help bring more amazing services and products to the world and serve society even more.  

“Talking with Irene gives me clarity about the difference between thoughts and feelings, through which I am able to take control again, instead of feeling confused and anxious. She keeps me focused on one goal at a time and challenges me to take little steps. I admire her for having a lot of patience and stamina to hear me out.”

K. Barnhoorn, Corporate Lawyer

“Irene understands and uncovers the cultural connotations that I implied in the session. We had worked together throughout the sessions to find the end goal and real solution for me. The questions she asked are highly professional to reflect the core problems in my matter, generate clarity, and trigger me to take initiatives effectively. She brings me to think deeply and work on what is truly needed for my career and health. Now I feel much more confident and have the energy to build my career and life here.”

H. Wu, Sales Manager

“When I was so lost in the early stage of my career development, Irene helped me to structure my action plan step by step. She took time to understand my situation, exploring the problem and clarifying what the end goal I tried to achieve. During the coaching program, I found Irene kind, easygoing, very professional and supportive. You can easily open your heart, share lots of things and connect with her. I enjoyed every session with her. The biggest thing I have learned in the coaching program is that I am in control of my own life, and I am my own boss. I believe that Irene is the one that will empower you to be your own boss too!”

Y. Liu, Sustainability Analyst 

Irene is an empathetic, yet analytical coach who can help one understand situations and how to approach them better in order to reach one’s goals

V. Moya, Covid Coordinator

Her intelligence and supporting spirit has been of great value to me. She is great at active listening with empathy and analytical thinking.

G. Tsibin, Fashion advisor

Irene made sure to regularly check in with the goal to determine how close I was to it and what it would take to make it happen. I learned how to arrange my plan to achieve my goal in a foreign country.

J. Kim, Architect